What’s Happening To Gina?

I mentioned Gina Earlier in the week

Gina is a busy mother of 5 kids

She works part-time at the local college in Northampton

For a long time now, Gina has been unhappy with here weight and also her energy levels, impacting on her ability to keep up with her very energetic children

Over the years she had seen her weight creep up each year

Year after year she would make an attempt to reduce it down and lose some weight but after a while it would climb back up leaving her frustrated and fed up

She’d tried weight watchers in years gone by, but with very little success

After a post about my online Fitness coaching programme on Facebook

Gina reached out to me asking for help

We spoke in detail on a Skype call and identified what she needed to do to see lasting changes and results.

The two things that we identified that had held Gina back from reaching her weight loss goals were two things I’m sure you can relate to

-Mindset and Accountability

The way she had communicated internally was not supporting her and she didn’t have anyone to direct her and hold her accountable for her action

The 90 day “Fit Firm and Beautiful” coaching programme she is now on is helping to change all of that

Gina now has a structured fitness programme to follow that she accesses from the online app

She sent me this message recently….

“Really good! Loving it!
In the gym regularly at the mo… lost 10 1/2 lbs so far. Your programme defo makes me sweat lol particularly the weights. Thanks”

So what changed for Gina?

Well, what changed was she got the right help and followed the advice given.

Thats it

You may be like Gina, thinking that you can’t do it

You, like Gina, may have thought “I don’t have time or I’m too unfit or I can’t make appointments to see a personal trainer”

You, like Gina did, may lack direction and accountability to help you focus on your desired outcome

You, like Gina can change all of that with the right help

Imagine being back in those clothes you want in just a few short weeks

Imagine being toned and strong so you don’t have to worry about what to wear

Think what it would be like when your energy levels are up and you can perform at work all day without flagging or feeling tired

Imagine not having to worry about what food to eat

See yourself as your fittest best, full of confidence and getting noticed because you look great

You can experience all of that, but you need to step out of your comfort zone and take action

If you are an action orientated person ready for change,

Maybe we could work together, that is if you’re the right fit

Want to find out?

Good, click here and complete the form and we’ll organise a time to speak

>>>Fit Firm and Beautiful<<<

P.s Gina has made some awesome changes not only physically but mentally too. Look I know it may seem unachievable, but with the right help you too can see your goals reached and you dont have to see a trainer in person at at gym. Remember Gina lives in Northampton, I’m based in Leeds. Online coaching works (for the right person) So you can reach your goals even if you don’t appear to have time or don’t like the gym environment

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