She Said it Was Blocked Energy

This happens on occasion which always makes me chuckle

I’ll get an enquiry by email

“Hey Mike how much does it cost to work with you?”

My reply is “What exactly are you wanting to achieve/change?”

“Get fit and lose weight”

I’ll reply “Ok great, why do you want to lose weight?”

“I’m not happy, how much is it?”

Then I’ll say “Ok, The investment fee all depends on what we see best for the individual, would you like to arrange a time to speak in more detail on the phone?”

“Maybe , but how much is it?”

At this point I can see the they are clearly price sensitive and are looking for a service based on price

So I tell them.. “My personal coaching programmes range from £500 -£2500, group coaching and training starts from £98. Would you like to arrange a call”

……..silence….no reply

Now I’m not judging anyone, just need to make that clear here,

But I’m not sure why this happens, it’s like I wrote about before, maybe most people have to be faced with or experience ‘real pain’ before they take action and make the changes that they say that they want.

or maybe it’s because they have some ‘Major fears’ and ‘blocked energy’ holding them back, just like a lady at the Wonderful World of well-being festival explained to me at the weekend

At the festival, there were many different type of alternative therapies/service on display

-Crystal healing

-Fortune Tellers


​​​​​​​-Reiki Therapist

-Herbal Therapist

I like to go to these festival/meetings to make new connections and look at potential options that may help improve my service.

Anyway, I was speaking with a ‘Qi Energy Therapist’, she helps people channel and remove negative energy that they maybe holding on to.

She said.. “Many people stay stuck because they judge themselves on the past- they let the past shape their future and as a result, nothing changes. This can be down to poor energy flow in the body”

Then she promptly sat me down and proceeded to offer me a quick 5 minute Qi Energy treatment

I must tell you she was good!

I got up feeling much more energised but at the same time relaxed. I said, “If I feel like that after just 5 minutes how would I feel after a full 30 minute session!”

I was pleasantly surprised how good it was

But this leads me to my point

If I had not taken the opportunity to try out her therapy and what she was offering, I would be none the wiser and still ignorant to how that therapy works.

But I did I took the offer and tried it

and can now say it was a good experience, and something I would recommend

It’s probably not a therapy for everyone, but I can see the benefits.

See my friend…

You may want to see some improvements in your life

-You may want to get back to being a certain size and weight

-Have more energy to perform better at work

-Boost your fitness and self confidence

-Develop better eating habits so you’re not eating crappy foods

Whatever it is, you can do it

But are you letting fear hold you back?

Do YOU have some blocked energy keeping you stuck?

Only you can answer that question

Take my lead and give change a try,(you can complete this form) you may be pleasantly surprised like I was

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