Interesting Reply- How To Get Started

Unsure what to do,


Not sure where to start,

Finding the time,

and eating the right foods,

These are some of the ‘common’ reason why people don’t start to take action and invest in their health and fitness,

or maybe they start but after a short while, they stop

Interestingly, money was not a common issue, ‘value for money’ was/is important factor, but never money alone.

Anyway, if you ‘didn’t’ reply to my question yesterday,

Let me ask you this…

Which one of the above is it for you as to why you’ve not started to invest in your future and your fitness?

or if you have/did start, why did you stop?

Let me know.

But before you do reply to me,

I’m gonna help you out ( as you know I like to do)

Below I’ve listed some simple action steps that you can do TODAY, to help you get started and start to enjoy the benefit of being fitter healthier and stronger.

Ok, If you’re unsure of what to do, read these following steps…

1. Get clear– what are you ideals and goals. First, write down what it is you want to achieve. lose 6lbs, drop your body fat by 4%, run in a charity event. write it down.

2. Set a time frame –How long is it going to take? 8 weeks, 3 months 6 months, having a time window will keep you focused and not drift into complacency.

3. Ask for help –Nothing wrong with asking for help or getting help. That could be as simple as reading a book or hiring an expert coach to work with.

4. Find something simple –┬áIf you’ve not exercised before or for a long time.. Keep it super simple. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy. That way, you’ll be more likely to keep on doing then.

Ok, 4 simple actions steps that you can do today even if you’re unsure of what to do and how to start being active.

You can even start to write things down after you have finished reading this post.
I’ll be back tomorrow with some pointers to help you out if you’re struggling to find the time in your busy schedule to exercise.

P.s Let me know what it is for you. If you’re still not in the action stage and still frustrated with lack of progress, what is it that is holding you back? email me and let me know.

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