14 Hour Days and the M62- How To Find Time To Exercise

If you’re fortunate enough to have a job or maybe even own a business, you could argue that your time is your most precious commodity.

There is always something to do

I know when I was running my own fitness studio, I was there from 6.30am right through till 9pm Monday to Thursday.

The only days I didn’t work 14+ hours was on Fridays and Saturdays, that was only because I had to collect my sons’ from school, and at the time my eldest son lived in Manchester!

M62 on a Friday evening anyone?

Looking back, it was a crazy time, partly pleasure, (building a business) partly pain
(having to do everything)

Maybe you can relate to working long hours and having little time to exercise

Even though in the early stages the business was growing, I was tired, angry (mainly with my sons’ mum), moody( I still get in moods sometimes now),

Stressed and although exercising, nowhere near being in my best shape, not by a long stretch

The strange thing was, I was asking people to invest time in me and my business by exercising at my studio, but I was not being fully congruent and practicing what I was preaching.

Anyhow, something had to change

So I made time.

How you ask?

Well my friend, I’ve listed the things that I started to do in order to help ensure I was exercising at least 3 times a week.

You can implement some of the these too if you’re currently struggling to find the time to exercise in you busy weekly schedule.

1. Plan on sunday night- I still do this to this day. Sunday night I plan my week ahead and that includes scheduling in time to exercise.

2. Bite size is best size- I reduced the amount of time I allocated to exercise. No more hour long sessions . I cut that by half. You can do the same. 20-30 mins is all you need.

3.I Phoned a friend- I started to workout with one of my fitness coaches. She’d keep me honest and helped make sure we’d do our scheduled session together.( the fact that she was attractive was not factor at all!) You can ask a friend to exercise with too, ugly or attractive! 😉

4. No Kit- One of the things that help me begin to exercise more regularly was to train with little or no equipment. This helped free up the need of going to the gym. I could exercise anywhere and at anytime. You can do the same.

So my good friend, you can use the above methods that I used and still use today to help navigate your busy week and still slot in time to exercise

By doing so, you’ll help avoid being stressed,


Moody (like I was)
and help boost your concentration and performance at work

Plus all the other things you know it will bring like burning off unwanted belly fat, help you become leaner and stronger and improve you posture and reduce pain

So , yeah time is an issue , but if you keen to see a change and an improvement in your health and fitness,

You’d be wise to follow and implement the tips I’ve shared above.

Mike “Not so moody” Hendricks

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