In Hospital Killing Time With Khloe Kardashian

So yesterday I had the joy of spending the majority of the day at the Hospital with my good lady

It was an unexpected call

Sunday evening she was struggling with stomach cramps.

This continued throughout the night and early morning to the point where we had to call for medical advice.

So Monday 6am we dumped the children at the grandparents ( they loved us for that) and raced down the Leeds general infirmary

The staff there were excellent. They looked after her so well, making her feel comfortable and relaxed

After a while, the Doctor came and she explained what was going on.

She took a sample of blood to get analysed.

She said it would take around 2 hours for the results to come back.

So I settle in for long morning wait

This gave me time to pick up a magazine and kill some time

It was ‘Closer’

Not my usual ‘quality’ magazine to read, but I thought it will do to kill some time

“Let’s find out what’s going on in the celebrity world” I said to myself

The article that I found most interesting was about a certain Khloe Kardashian

You may have heard of the Kardashians?

Anyway, the article was detailing how she had an amazing body transformation by going to the gym and working with a Personal Trainer.

She’d dropped over two dress sizes and several inches off her hips and thighs

All pretty incredible stuff

But what I found most interesting was her ‘why’

Why she made the change and took action and got help

It wasn’t just about the weight and losing it

She spoke about how exercising helped with so many things including…

*keeping her sane after a breakup with her husband

*Boosting her confidence and feeling better about herself

*No longer being a (+)plus Size woman and finding clothes that fit and look nice

*Improving her diet and eating well

*Learning about exercise and investing in her body

All of which underlined to me why losing weight is important but not everything

You maybe can relate to this

See, you, like Khloe did, may feel…

-Short on confidence

-Busy and can’t find the time to exercise

-Feel low after a breakup or the birth of a child or maybe you’re trying to find someone to be with and want to feel more attractive

-Want to improve your diet but unsure how

-Tired of finding clothes that don’t fit and look nice

You can change all of the above

You just need to take action and get the right help

Doing nothing and staying where you are is not the solution

Know that with the right help you can change and move towards your desires.

Well I can help and show you how but you need to take the first step

Click here and complete the form and we’ll arrange a time to chat in more detail

>>>Let’s arrange a call<<<

Mike “Killing time” Hendricks

BTW. All is well with my good lady she is back home and recovering well thankfully.

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