Ainsley Would Have Been Proud- Don’t Over Think Food

I had the pleasure of pretending to be Ainsley Harriott’ and prepared a nice meal for mom and my good lady

I’m pleased to say they both enjoyed it

What did I cook?

Well seeing as you asked, we had for starters Avocado & Prawn salad with homemade cocktail sauce

For the main we had a simple garlic roasted chicken with roasted veg

Trifle for dessert

It’s not often cook a two course meal, but I must say I quite enjoyed it.

I think Ainsley would have been proud!

Which got me thinking about you and your weight loss and fitness goals

See, sometimes we can over think things when it comes to prepping food and eating health options

We think things like…

I can’t eat that”

“How many calories does that have”

“It will take to long to prepare”

“The kids won’t like it”

“I don’t have the time”

When the truth is that’s not always the case

Yes, you will need to plan, but like with anything, if you’re wanting to make a change like…

*Drop a dress size

*Burn off unwanted belly fat

*Lose some weight and become more attractive to find a partner

*Boost your energy levels

*Improve you skin tone and completion with healthier foods

You’ll need to have some kind of plan to change

But that plan does not need to be complex or over thought.

Think K.I.S.S. it , no I’m not being rude

Kiss it means… Keep It Super Simple)

fresh, whole foods and simple recipes are your friend

Fruits and water too

Look to integrate those( types of foods) into your diet and meal plans as often as possible and you wont go far wrong.

It’s the kind of thing I share and teach on our coaching program.

You can find out more here.

Leave me a comment below if you found this helpful

P.s If you’re keen to start seeing some lasting changes in the way you look and feel in time ready for the spring and summer season, then you need to think about taking action and seeking out the right help. You can do that here.

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