Mike Hendricks

My name is Mike Hendricks, . I am a Personal Health Coach, here to help you.

My personalized coaching programmes which are based on more than 18 years’ experience as Personal Trainer and Health coach, are designed to give you the health and fitness improvements you desire, even if you have tried everything else before.

Career Start

I started in the health & fitness industry as gym trainer helping people understand the benefits of investing time in their health and fitness. Progressing up to management helped me understand the business element of the industry, but left me feeling I wanted to help even more. I recognised losing weight, and getting back into clothes that you like to wear, and seeing long-term change comes from more than just counting calories and exercising more. 

My Story

 Over time, I developed my skills, investing thousands of pounds in continual fitness and coaching education which has now allowed me to develop a unique range of personal lifestyle programmes, which includes the ‘Broken to Beautiful  coaching programme’  a programme that is helping people all over the world. Writing for the local and national press has helped me spread and share the message of why health coaching is an essential part of modern day well-being. 

My clients – People who want to see and enjoy lasting changes
both mentally and physically

My Experience

Years of Fitness & Health Coaching Experience
Happy Clients with References
Contests and Conferences attended
Successful Days of the Programme

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*DISCLAIMER: Results vary from person to person.
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