80% Failure Rate- How Online Coaching Isn’t As Bad A You Think

“But Mike, How does online coaching work?” 

It’s a question I hear a lot from people, especially when I’m trying to explain about what I do with my clients.

So I’m going to offer a little detail here and hopefully answer some questions you might have about online coaching

Now before I begin to explain, I’m not Joe Wicks (you may know him as the body coach)
And I’m not here to take a swipe or criticise him or any other coach, after all he (and others) have built a multi million dollar business in recent years and are very good at what they do

However, as mentioned in the title, apparently 80% of people who take up his/these programmes don’t succeed or reach their desired goals

It’s a similar number with Shaun T’s programmes

Insanity workout anyone?

Why is that?

Online fitness coaching comes in a range of guises from basic DVD’s you can watch and stream to live Skype coaching calls held every day.

Arguably the most accessible form of online fitness coaching yields the lowest percentage of results.

If you’re only investing $200 in a coaching programme, you can pretty much expect that the programme is not going to be bespoke or tailored to each individual.

This could be why the failure rates are apparently so high with this form of coaching, leaving many people frustrated with their lack of lasting results and out-of-pocket

Coaching via ‘information only’ will only work for a certain type of person

Someone who is motivated, disciplined and fully focus 99% of the time on their desired goal.

Now ask yourself, how many people do you know like that?

What I think works best with most people is ‘Accountability coaching’

Coaching programmes that hold you personally accountable and also offer the information you need in order to see the changes and improvements you desire.

No one likes to let other people down especially if you’ve invested time and money in achieving a specific result.

Information does not lead to transformation

But being kept honest and accountable certainly goes along way to increasing the rate of success and lowering the rate of failure.

“So what do you get with Accountability coaching Mike?”

I can only speak for me and the programme I offer and what has worked and is working with my clients

If you’re not a fan of the gym and don’t like the skinny minnies or guys looking at you (or even if you do)

If you like to exercise at a time that suits you,

If your schedule changes from week to week,

If you’re a fussy eater,

If you’ve tried other programmes and still not reached your fitness and weight loss goals,

Then online fitness coaching could be for you

The 90 day Online coaching programme is a platform for busy time poor people to see that they can reach their goals whatever they may be, without the need of fitness equipment or expensive gym memberships

The goals could be…..

*Weight loss to help get back into their clothes

*Burn off unwanted belly fat so they can reduce the belt buckle down a notch or two

*Increase their confidence so they can find a partner/husband/wife

*Boost energy levels so they can increase performance at work

*Improve fitness and reduce pain and stop their nagging back pain

Regardless of what the goal,

Online Fitness coaching done in this form, is the future (Actually it’s being done now)

So, now you can see that online coaching is not as bad as you think

What is holding you back?

What is your excuse for not taking action?

I’m sure you don’t want to fall in the 80% failure category

If not click here


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