1 Year Older…and Wiser

Feeling extra blessed today

Yep, today is my Birthday,another year older ( and wiser) and I feel lucky that I’m still here on this earth

I know we take it for granted, but some people don’t even live to see their 20’s or 30’s

I’ve ‘needlessly’ lost some friends over the years that should still be around today,

​​​​​​​But unfortunately they are not here now and have been were taken away

Sad, but true

So all things considered, I have a lot to be thankful for

It’s always good to be thankful and count your blessings in life

and that is what I’m doing today and for the rest of the week

Being extra thankful

And as a result, you get to benefit to

Well, that’s if you want to that is

How you ask?

Well as it’s a special week, I’m giving you the opportunity to take a step closer to your Ideal state of health and fitness

Regardless of what that is

It could be..

-Finding the time in your busy schedule to exercise

-Boosting your energy levels so you can perform better at work

-Burn of some belly or excess fat around the your waist

-Become more confident about how you look and

-Increase your strength and get more muscle tone/definition

-Improve your diet so you stop emotional eating

Whatever it is for you, I’m gonna help you

All you have to do is complete the form and let me know what are your goals

and I will work with you F.O.C for the first 4 weeks of your personal coaching programme

Yep, that’s right FREE OF CHARGE

Now don’t get me wrong, there will be some ‘investment’ required from you which includes,


Hard work,


and a will to succeed,

But if you think that is you

Click the link and complete the form


Take advantage of my birthday offer and take a step closer to your ideal

Ok, I need to leave now to go see my first set of clients this morning

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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